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Dropper seat posts for cross country racing

Dropper seat posts are extremely popular now and for good reason.  All 6 women that placed in front of me this weekend at the World cup opener were on one.  XC evolution! They can transform your comfort on steep terrain, allowing you to lower your center of gravity and increase your stability.With more room to move vertically up and down on your bike it’s also easier to jump, manual and lean the bike through a corner.
I started the 2017 season with a dropper seat post on my full suspension bike wanting to give it an honest test.These days they add about a pound to your bike, which can be well worth it if they help you gain more seconds in corners and descents than you would possibly lose on climbs due to added weight.
But the question is, after years of racing pretty gnarly courses with your seat up, are you able to gain more seconds with it down?There have been courses where I have loved having it and the increased stability pushing the limits on rock gardens and long descents, but oth…

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