Friday, September 10, 2010

Back home and the garden looks like something Alice would have stumbled into and not resurfaced. I did find this Zucchini though, 15inches makes a lot of zucchini bread.

Rainy weather isn't too conducive to activity, but I need to keep some miles in my legs for the Epiphany ride. I am determined not to double bonk on the 9hr ride this year.

I've been reading "Talent is Overrated" and highly recommend it.

Matt and Catherine are home, but only for a short while. We had a farewell get together for them last night as the head off to Victoria for the winter on Monday.

Before they leave though, Matt and i have some trash talk to sort out. The 27km Revelstoke Hill Climb. He thinks he can put 5 minutes into me, has recruited light wheels from a friend to do so (Derek I thought you were my friend!).... sunday will be the test.

Matt does the math and it doesn't look good..for anyone

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Peter said...

Couple of awesome posts ... Downloading this talent book now! ( iPad)

Email me ur address or get cath to as I forgot to drop that book for Keith!!!

Watch the big zucchini they aren't very moist or tasty a lot of the time ... I have used them as burger 'buns' ... Moderate success

Kick the crap out of matt please!!